Just like with any VPN, having Avast VPN problems can prevent you from accessing the internet and this can be very frustrating. In this article, we will be listing the top 10 Avast VPN problems you may encounter.

Avast VPN: Is It Good?

In all fairness, Avast VPN has its pros and cons. Avast VPN is one of the easiest VPNs to use and understand. Even if it is your first-time using VPN, as soon as you install it is very easy to use. Avast VPN offers its users good server speed, no DNS leaks, and most of all a user-friendly interface. 

Top 10 Avast VPN Problems.

Here are some possible Avast VPN problems you may encounter.

  • Security & privacy problems

One of Avast’s VPN problems is Security and privacy issues. Avast doesn’t offer a wide variety of protocols for privacy and online security. The no logs policy is weak, it doesn’t offer totally reliable online security.

  • China Problem

Avast VPN does not work in China. If you stay in China or are visiting China, it is best to search for another VPN that works perfectly in China.

  • Support Problem

Many Avast VPN users complain about not getting adequate help with their issues and this is a major drawback.

  • Expired License Problem

Avast License expires after three years for a paid license and seven days for a free trial.

  • Speed problem

Avast VPN has a low number of servers hence, the speed problem. It has 54 servers which is little in comparison with premium VPN providers that have thousands of servers. How does this cause a speed problem? When so many users switch on the VPN at the same time, it gets overloaded. Another reason for low speed can also be distance. 

  • App Interference Problem 

Sometimes other software running in the background on your system can interfere with the activity of Avast VPN. If you are experiencing problems with Avast check that your firewall is not blocking your use or there is no software running in the background.

  • Payment Problem

Users are offered just 2 payment methods PayPal and Credit card or debit card. Avast doesn’t permit users to use any other form of payment which can be a bother in regards to customer privacy. Most people these days like to stay anonymous online when making payments so, they opt to use bitcoin, Dash, etc. But Avast doesn’t offer these payment methods.

  • VPN Server Down

Sometimes the VPN servers may be down for several reasons. If a server is down, try connecting to another one, in a similar location, and then in a different one.

  • Avast VPN Not Connecting to the internet

This is a common Avast VPN problem; users experience an inability to connect to the servers. Some reasons for these problems are firewall configuration, server overload, conflict with software, invalid subscription, etc. 

  • Too many connection problems

Depending on your VPN license there is a stipulated number of devices that can be connected.


Avast VPN is a widely used VPN that offers its users privacy on the internet and access to their desired content. As is with any VPN service it has its Pros and Cons. Above, we have made a list of the top 10 Avast VPN problems most Avast VPN users have encountered at one point or another.