Windows Defender is usually inbuilt in Windows 10 operating system, which eliminates the need for installing additional cybersecurity applications. Recently Windows 10 users have reported that when using Windows defender, it runs into various issues like “Your virus and threat is managed by your organization” instead of the normal scanning options. If you are experiencing such, you will find the easy fix here.

What is the main function of Window Defender?

Windows Defender is an inbuilt anti-spyware application, its main function is to find and delete spyware that may slow your computer down. Shortlist of what Windows Defender offers:

  • Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Peer protection
  • Scanning of the device in real time

Any user can get a protection from this program with Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

The main reasons why the described error can occur

Usually, users encounter the error when installing Windows updates. It can also occur when there is an interference from any type of malicious software. These malware and viruses may cause malfunctions of the processes of Windows defender extension.

Easy guide on how to get rid of the problem

Try taking the following steps to solve the described above error quickly:

FIX 1 – Try deleting all the malicious software with the help of special tools;

As it was mentioned, malware can be the cause of this problem. Perform a full scan with antimalware tools to eliminate this issue.

FIX 2 – Disabling of the registry the turns off the processes of Windows Defender;

Tips on how to do this:

  • Launch the command bar using the shortcut WIN + R;
  • Type in the “regedit” command and confirm the action;
  • Locate the main folder of the Windows Defender application, which is in the “Microsoft” folder;
  • Turn off the “DisableAntiSpyware” function permanently;
  • Reboot your computer and launch the cybersecurity application again.

These steps usually help to fix the work of the Windows in-built antivirus application.

Fix 3 – General suggestion

  • Try rebooting the system.
  • Launch the computer using the safe boot.
  • Try scanning the system with another antivirus program.
  • Delete all the additional antiviruses because they can interfere in the processes of Windows Defender.
  • If the system is a part of an organization, you can ask help of the professional IT worker.
Final Thoughts

The article serves as a great source of information on how to solve the issues in the works of Windows in-built antivirus extension. Windows Defender is a very good inbuilt antivirus program that offers you free high-quality services. Fix your issues so as to enjoy the benefits of using it.